So the braves lost again. 10 in a row.  Where’s football season right? What the hell is the Braves trying to do? Are they trying to set a record in there last season downtown?  I can’t wait until Cobb County takes this sad sack of a team away.  Y’all deal with all the traffic, parking problems and higher taxes.  They have the worst record in baseball.  This team is winning 1 out of every 3 games.  When I say Atlanta Sports Sucks, I’m not just being a hater.  Look at this load of excrement… There is no chance of the Braves winning anything any time soon.  I will keep you posted on this dreadful season.  I wanted you to know that I’m not going just keep pissing on the Fal-Cant’s and the Hawk-A-Loogeys.
Speaking of the terrible birds… The Dwight Howard acquisition is the single dumbest thing they have done since the Dominque Trade.  What has Dwight done since he took Orlando to the championship?  I would look up his stats but my computer refuses to search for sorry ass 7 footers.  The dude is like the biggest dude to never win a championship.  Patrick Ewing gets a pass for not winning because he played against Jordan the greatest player ever.  And soon as Jordan dipped off to fulfill his lifelong dream of choosing baseball over basketball Patrick Ewing went straight to the championship, just to lose to Olajuwon.  But Dwight never faced a center.  He only faced decent power forwards.  He literally is the biggest dude to never win anything.  And now he is here.. “HOME”.  He shoulda stayed his ass “AWAY”.  I will keep ya posted on this debacle of a season as we continue to watch the Braves leave shit stains all over Turner Field.

Last but not least… The Falcons still suck


I’m Not A Fan of Your Sorry Axis

I’m not from Atlanta but I have lived here long enuff to know that someone has to say something.  I am calling myself the Chosen One just like King James did.  (At least he got some rings).  As basically a native, I have heard people say that Atlanta fans are the worst.  They saying Horford left because the empty seats made him feel unwanted.  Freakin duh!!! Dude you ain’t win!! If u dont win we don’t come in! Just that damn simple.  I digress.  I am starting this blog to be the voice that most of us southern folk refuse to use.  We stand behind the Falcons the Braves the Hawks the Dream…. Just to be knowingly cheering for some losers. There I said it the damn city is filled with freakin losers.  Not one dynasty not one team that can be associated with some type of legacy.  The most mediocre crowd of athletes.  The worst worst part is that the high schools and colleges around produce some of the greatest sports figures ever.  Even worst than all that is the fact that our professional teams be having the best dopest flyest awesomest athletes ever (Dion and Nique) and in the blink of an eye they get rid of them.  So here I am.  Every dumb decision, I will be here.  Every loss that shouldn’t have happened, I will be here.  Every dumb trade and stooped off-season I will be here.  In conclusion Atlanta sports team has a pair of laser beam eyes on them. As dumb as their previous decisions have proven to be, believe you me, I will be posting a lot of shit bout these sorry ass Atlanta teams.