Freakin Dwight Freeney

Ok u can argue the stats from last year havin 8 sacks means somethin.  Every time he tackled somebody it was the QB and he even did it 3 times against A-a-Ron.  But come on Falcants!!! Why are we signing the oldest dude u can find? He was playin with Peyton Manning when Manning was young.  Manning has retired.  Don’t get me wrong with Freeney gettin to the QB 8 times in a season would be a massive help to the dreadful 7 the Falcants put out there.  Let’s get real with each other, the Falcants ain’t one player away from the super bowl or even one player away from looking decent.  They suck.  Hence the title of the blog.  I hope he has a terrific year in Atlanta cuz we all know how this gonna turn out.  

I’m hearing they signed lance Moore also.  Guess they are going for the best retirement team in the league.  The Falcons where you come for your last year.  What a bunch of losers.  Could someone come take this team away with the braves.

Speaking of the braves… They are on a 2 game winning streak!!!!!!! Yay!!! It’s like they can turn their season around… Lmao sorry ass team.  Can’t wait til they go to Cobb county.  Get them losers outta the city.  They makin the other teams pick up old Dwights from all over the place.  Hell the braves mite as well join in and pick up Dwight Gooden!! Lol freakin idiots.

The Hawks still suck. Dwight gonna make them worse oh I mean he gonna make the Falcons worse.  We got so many sorry Dwights around here it’s hard to keep count.  Well I guess there is always the NFL package.