Super Blues

I didn’t want to do this. They suck they suck they suck. The super bowl loss was an embarrassment to the city. They fuckin suck. I’m gonna keep this blog alive until the city of Atlanta wins a major league championship. The college boys have been put on notice also. This just cannot continue. I don’t want to follow these sorry ass teams and show you how they fuck up every damn season. But they leave me no choice. I got to tap that ass every chance I get. Atlanta sports are the fuckin worst. It’s not bad luck like Cleveland where God has a personal vendetta against you. It’s not like Minnesota sports where it’s so cold even when you win you lose. #purplepeopleeaters No Atlanta sports is a man made problem. A complete befuddlement with no intentions on being anything resembling championship caliber franchises. They have racists histories idiot management decisions and the same damn good ole boy mentality that keeps MARTA outta Gwinnett Cobb and Henry. Fuckin red necks. That’s the problem with Atlanta sports. They are not made to win. They never will be. The Falcons just lost their defensive and offensive coordinators. Next season Tampa bay gonna beat the Falcons up and down the field. The saints will have their way with them. Hell, the jaguars may even beat them. That’s how they role yo. I really would like to go to a parade. I think I will have to take the advice of these fickle ass fans down here and move to another city so I can see how it feels to be part of a championship winning city. Buncha fuckin clowns. 


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