Comeback for What???

130 points and you still on the wrong side of history. Again. The torture is real. 36 off the bench by Hardaway, 27 from the super star Milsap and a loss in the column. Who put these bums together?? If you thought there was a chance this team could compete with elite, you know have your answer. Can someone fast forward to the draft, please? And, please don’t mess up free agency? Call Hawks management now!!! The cavs made so many 3s the refs arms looked like a DJ Khaled concert. Everybody hands go up……

Baseball season can’t start soon enough. Looks like the Hawks will stay at the coveted 5th spot to guarantee a loss in the first two rounds. I’m focusing on the off season myself. Hopefully, The Hawks can find an unearthed jewel admist the one and dones. But, knowing the Hawks it will still be a terrible move. 


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