Stuck in 5th Fixin the Hawks pt 2

Ok for real this time. Let’s fix the Hawks. Dwight Howard isn’t the only problem.  The hawks have a systematic losing problem. They smelled the championship for the first time a couple years ago.  The hawks have never been that close and promptly afterwards they disassembled the team.  Yeah i know Teague wanted to leave and Horford said the empty seats were depressing him.  They should know that the hawks fans have been burned too many times by mangagement to just believe every thing is cool.  But im not gonna fire the front office, i just want to give them a quick plan to turn the franchisee into a champion contender before 60% of their current fans are on their death beds.  

First move: Milsap.  Paul Milsap is havin the best years of his career in Atlanta now.  He is the top scorer and second in every other major category on the team.  The man is doin everything.  The hawks need to keep him.  He will set the tone for the next generation of hawks.  And he may even get a last season championship out of the deal in about 5 years.  So the hawks need to keep him and retire him unlike they did with ‘nique.

2nd: keep Schroder for 3 years then let him go.  Let Schroder train the next pgs that are drafted.  He can show them how to run the system.  He is not the most talented guard in the league but after a nice 4 years starting point he wil be a valuable trade asset when the team is becoming a contender

3rd move:: keep all draft picks.  Matter fact get at least 3-4 players out of the draft each year for the next 4 years.  The 76ers went into straight tank mode hording top draft picks and basically running an elite D-League team.  Don’t do that.  Only 4 players are averaging double digits and no one is averaging over 20 points.  No one job is secure on this squad.  This team wont make it out of the first round.  There is no reason to hold on to these dudes.  Remember the first move? Milsap is pretty much doin it all by himself.  He should be at least 3rd in assists and steals.  Where the hell are the guards?? So the hawks should draft at least 12-16 players over the next 3-4 years.  Everybody on the trading block.  And while some players jobs are secure the hawks need to infuse some new energy some new blood into the team.  Let coach bud coach and groom a new generation of hawks players.  Get some European players here.  The hawks can be the Spurs of the east.  A boring team that picked some ok players and molded them into champions.  Kawhi is killin niggas righ now.  He is in MVP and he was not the best college prospect.  

These 3 moves can put the hawks into that perennial conversation about championship contenders.  The lakers and celtics have cooled off.  The cavs of all teams and the freakin warriors are creating new dynasties right before our eyes.  Come on hawks he some of that.


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