Cash Me Outside…. How Bout Deh?

As im writing this the streak is at 7.  The hawks are in a dogfight against the Suns i think… at this point who cares?  Like do you really care? Tell me you care.  Please tell me. I got $40 for the first person that say they care about the 2017 Hawks.  I haven’t wrote in a while because I like writing nice things.  I hate writing all kinda bad things and bad words.  The hawks have pushed me to silence.  Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.  I cant keep writing about how sorry this team is.  Baseball season will bring some traffic complaints so maybe that will change the narrative in Atlanta. Man this sports town sucks major league ass!!! Major league!!!  I dont want to talk about things that suck all my life.  That’s not an ambition that people have as kids.  There is hope in the Braves simply because the season hasn’t started.  The falcons will have a good draft and great training camp and all that. But right now? Right now? These hawks are looking like the worst team in the NBA.  From first to freaking worst.  Not even 3 years ago the hawks were the darlings of the NBA.  Now they are on a 7 game losing streak.  7 games.  In March.  In 5th place.  They gave up 7.  Injuries be damned.  You cannot be a contender doing things like this. See.  This is the reason i stopped writing.  Gets me all upset and shit.  It’s like my therapy.  I cant take a foxy lady to a hawks game.  For what? There is a ton of other shit to do in Atlanta.  Hell, i might as well write about that.  Anyway… i will start doing a podcast about why these Atlanta suck from the past to the present to infinity and fucking beyond


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