Cash Me Outside…. How Bout Deh?

As im writing this the streak is at 7.  The hawks are in a dogfight against the Suns i think… at this point who cares?  Like do you really care? Tell me you care.  Please tell me. I got $40 for the first person that say they care about the 2017 Hawks.  I haven’t wrote in a while because I like writing nice things.  I hate writing all kinda bad things and bad words.  The hawks have pushed me to silence.  Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.  I cant keep writing about how sorry this team is.  Baseball season will bring some traffic complaints so maybe that will change the narrative in Atlanta. Man this sports town sucks major league ass!!! Major league!!!  I dont want to talk about things that suck all my life.  That’s not an ambition that people have as kids.  There is hope in the Braves simply because the season hasn’t started.  The falcons will have a good draft and great training camp and all that. But right now? Right now? These hawks are looking like the worst team in the NBA.  From first to freaking worst.  Not even 3 years ago the hawks were the darlings of the NBA.  Now they are on a 7 game losing streak.  7 games.  In March.  In 5th place.  They gave up 7.  Injuries be damned.  You cannot be a contender doing things like this. See.  This is the reason i stopped writing.  Gets me all upset and shit.  It’s like my therapy.  I cant take a foxy lady to a hawks game.  For what? There is a ton of other shit to do in Atlanta.  Hell, i might as well write about that.  Anyway… i will start doing a podcast about why these Atlanta suck from the past to the present to infinity and fucking beyond


Stuck in 5th Fixin the Hawks pt 2

Ok for real this time. Let’s fix the Hawks. Dwight Howard isn’t the only problem.  The hawks have a systematic losing problem. They smelled the championship for the first time a couple years ago.  The hawks have never been that close and promptly afterwards they disassembled the team.  Yeah i know Teague wanted to leave and Horford said the empty seats were depressing him.  They should know that the hawks fans have been burned too many times by mangagement to just believe every thing is cool.  But im not gonna fire the front office, i just want to give them a quick plan to turn the franchisee into a champion contender before 60% of their current fans are on their death beds.  

First move: Milsap.  Paul Milsap is havin the best years of his career in Atlanta now.  He is the top scorer and second in every other major category on the team.  The man is doin everything.  The hawks need to keep him.  He will set the tone for the next generation of hawks.  And he may even get a last season championship out of the deal in about 5 years.  So the hawks need to keep him and retire him unlike they did with ‘nique.

2nd: keep Schroder for 3 years then let him go.  Let Schroder train the next pgs that are drafted.  He can show them how to run the system.  He is not the most talented guard in the league but after a nice 4 years starting point he wil be a valuable trade asset when the team is becoming a contender

3rd move:: keep all draft picks.  Matter fact get at least 3-4 players out of the draft each year for the next 4 years.  The 76ers went into straight tank mode hording top draft picks and basically running an elite D-League team.  Don’t do that.  Only 4 players are averaging double digits and no one is averaging over 20 points.  No one job is secure on this squad.  This team wont make it out of the first round.  There is no reason to hold on to these dudes.  Remember the first move? Milsap is pretty much doin it all by himself.  He should be at least 3rd in assists and steals.  Where the hell are the guards?? So the hawks should draft at least 12-16 players over the next 3-4 years.  Everybody on the trading block.  And while some players jobs are secure the hawks need to infuse some new energy some new blood into the team.  Let coach bud coach and groom a new generation of hawks players.  Get some European players here.  The hawks can be the Spurs of the east.  A boring team that picked some ok players and molded them into champions.  Kawhi is killin niggas righ now.  He is in MVP and he was not the best college prospect.  

These 3 moves can put the hawks into that perennial conversation about championship contenders.  The lakers and celtics have cooled off.  The cavs of all teams and the freakin warriors are creating new dynasties right before our eyes.  Come on hawks he some of that.

Comeback for What???

130 points and you still on the wrong side of history. Again. The torture is real. 36 off the bench by Hardaway, 27 from the super star Milsap and a loss in the column. Who put these bums together?? If you thought there was a chance this team could compete with elite, you know have your answer. Can someone fast forward to the draft, please? And, please don’t mess up free agency? Call Hawks management now!!! The cavs made so many 3s the refs arms looked like a DJ Khaled concert. Everybody hands go up……

Baseball season can’t start soon enough. Looks like the Hawks will stay at the coveted 5th spot to guarantee a loss in the first two rounds. I’m focusing on the off season myself. Hopefully, The Hawks can find an unearthed jewel admist the one and dones. But, knowing the Hawks it will still be a terrible move. 

Trade Deadline Looms

Ok that’s a decent move. The new dude is Ilyasova.. or some shit like that… i guess.  They saying this is the best season of his career.  Where in the hell will he play? Behind Milsap and Howard? Hmmm..? I know this is not a great move.  May be a good move.  They won’t be beating the Cavs because of him.  Maybe they will move up from 5th place…
Anyways.. everybody is talking about the Boogie trade.  The hawks will not make any noise this year.  Hell, the Atlanta Sports Teams are so boring and lame that i stopped writing this blog becuz I ain’t want to follow their sorry asses.  Don’t expect anything to come from the second half of the season.  The best thing that can happen to the Hawks is Milsap refuse to resign, Howard gets a career ender and Toaster Strudel go back to being a breakfast item.  The Hawks need to tank and tank hard fast and now.  Tank this year and the next.  Let Coach Bud pick some players that he likes and he thinks will work in his system.  Then after year 4 of rebuilding the Hawks will be a team ready to compete for a championship.  Until then first round knock outs will be the regular ending to the Hawks playoff run.  The reason i have yet to pontificate about the impact the new dude is gonna have is because he is not a game changer.  Even if he helps the Hawks jump to #3 they still can’t beat Cleveland then beat Golden State.  Not happening.  No sir. No ma’am.  

The All Star Game

Paul Milsap…. the latest victim in the cycle of Atlanta players that do every thing they can to win but are surrounded by ineptitude and idiotic decisions.  Milsap made the all star game as a reserve.  No other hawk can even sniff the All Star Game.  It’s in New Orleans.  Less than 8 hours away.  Ain’t nobody from the Hawks slamming in the slam dunk contest, 3 point contest, skills challenge or anything.  The Hawks…. will be messing up another draft and continuing this stooped dumb ass cycle of 4th and 5th place in the playoffs and never moving up or down.  The Hawks. The most average team that is playing in the one and done NBA.  Everybody knows you either winning or tanking.  But the Hawks, no nope and hell no. They want to be in the middle of the road.  

Milsap follows a long line of Atlanta players that are freaking awesome doing everything that they canto win only to be let down by management.  How you going to lead the team in poiints and be 2nd in every other category and not be on a dominant team.?  WTF??????  ITS TRULY INSANE.  The Hawks could have Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird and still figure out a way to be a mediocre team.  They are the worst.  The freakin worst.  I told y’all i will try to stop the vulgarity but this is hard.  We have to wait until July to see if the braves are worth a damn and I’m on the side of nope.  2017 will be a year the Atlanta sports fans have to mark as another ring less year.  I’m depressed. Talk to you guys later.

Super Blues

I didn’t want to do this. They suck they suck they suck. The super bowl loss was an embarrassment to the city. They fuckin suck. I’m gonna keep this blog alive until the city of Atlanta wins a major league championship. The college boys have been put on notice also. This just cannot continue. I don’t want to follow these sorry ass teams and show you how they fuck up every damn season. But they leave me no choice. I got to tap that ass every chance I get. Atlanta sports are the fuckin worst. It’s not bad luck like Cleveland where God has a personal vendetta against you. It’s not like Minnesota sports where it’s so cold even when you win you lose. #purplepeopleeaters No Atlanta sports is a man made problem. A complete befuddlement with no intentions on being anything resembling championship caliber franchises. They have racists histories idiot management decisions and the same damn good ole boy mentality that keeps MARTA outta Gwinnett Cobb and Henry. Fuckin red necks. That’s the problem with Atlanta sports. They are not made to win. They never will be. The Falcons just lost their defensive and offensive coordinators. Next season Tampa bay gonna beat the Falcons up and down the field. The saints will have their way with them. Hell, the jaguars may even beat them. That’s how they role yo. I really would like to go to a parade. I think I will have to take the advice of these fickle ass fans down here and move to another city so I can see how it feels to be part of a championship winning city. Buncha fuckin clowns. 

Freakin Dwight Freeney

Ok u can argue the stats from last year havin 8 sacks means somethin.  Every time he tackled somebody it was the QB and he even did it 3 times against A-a-Ron.  But come on Falcants!!! Why are we signing the oldest dude u can find? He was playin with Peyton Manning when Manning was young.  Manning has retired.  Don’t get me wrong with Freeney gettin to the QB 8 times in a season would be a massive help to the dreadful 7 the Falcants put out there.  Let’s get real with each other, the Falcants ain’t one player away from the super bowl or even one player away from looking decent.  They suck.  Hence the title of the blog.  I hope he has a terrific year in Atlanta cuz we all know how this gonna turn out.  

I’m hearing they signed lance Moore also.  Guess they are going for the best retirement team in the league.  The Falcons where you come for your last year.  What a bunch of losers.  Could someone come take this team away with the braves.

Speaking of the braves… They are on a 2 game winning streak!!!!!!! Yay!!! It’s like they can turn their season around… Lmao sorry ass team.  Can’t wait til they go to Cobb county.  Get them losers outta the city.  They makin the other teams pick up old Dwights from all over the place.  Hell the braves mite as well join in and pick up Dwight Gooden!! Lol freakin idiots.

The Hawks still suck. Dwight gonna make them worse oh I mean he gonna make the Falcons worse.  We got so many sorry Dwights around here it’s hard to keep count.  Well I guess there is always the NFL package.